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How To Organize Gondola Shelving Best

Today,Maybe somebody doesn't know how to start further,if he or she opens a shop or store.Please don't worry,We,Beson Metal Products will tell them how to do.

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Gondola shelving features:

Gondola shelving(Supermarket shelves also called) are one kind of free-standing shelving fixtures.They’re used widely in retail industry,with so much weight bearing capacity,and many display options.gondola shelving is ideal for shops or stores that sell small items, such as craft, stationary and hardware,or businesses that sell heavier goods such as electronic appliances or even books.

Gondola shelves generally have 4 kinds:

1)Double sided:can be free-standing,and used in the centre of the store or shop or to create separate aisles.

2)Wall gondola shelves:single sided,usually to go around the perimeter of the store layout,or be against of wall.

3)Endcaps:specifically designed for use at the end of aisles, where special and attractive displays are most desired.

4)Corner gondola shelves:used in the corner space of store or shop.

Moreover,We also wanna share 3 warming reminders.

Tip 1:Make good use of space

Considering that Gondolas are large and bulky,and can be too difficult to move around,especially if there is stock on them,So please draw the floor plan of your store or shop,and don’t forget to think about other furniture and fixtures you plan to incorporate too.then you should choose the type of gondola shelving,size requirements,how many sets needed for your space,and take some notes.

Tip 2:Create suitable aisles,Not widely or narrow

There is no better fixture for creating tempting aisles than gondola shelving,but it is a mistake to make aisles too wide or narrow.Wide aisles mean customers simply walk past stock without attention to what you are offering,while narrow aisles can potentially cause traffic jams or an unpleasant shopping experience overall.

Tip 3: Keep your gondola shelving well stocked

Sometimes,Maybe you’ll make some adjustment for some items or products show,and most probably need some extra gondola shelves.So you can stock some gondola shelves.Business owners should realize this fact!

For more information on gondola shelving as well as our other innovative racks,shelving and storage systems,Please get in touch with us by www.besonshelf.com or contact sales@besonshelf.com without hesitation.


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