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Wooden Texture Supermarket Shelf

We,Beson Shelf manufactures and sells various shelving and racks like supermarket shelves, boltless shelving,wire shelving.

Today,We would like to say something about wooden supermarket shelves. Maybe somebody will ask that it’s made with wood material?Answer is NO,Material is steel,but powder coated with wooden texture. Here below are its advantages:

1, Exquisite appearance, rich pattern, realistic effect, clear texture.

2, Fire-resistance, anti-corrosion, moisture resistance. Its hardness and strength are solid that wood shelf doesn’t have.

3, Rust prevention, anti-breakage, anti-ultraviolet.

4, Long life, can maintain 10-15 years with no color-changing, do not deform.

5, Plasticity is strong, can be processed into a variety of complex modeling, more rich functions. 

6,Environmental protection,protect the ecological environment,reduce waste of material resources.

wooden texture supermarket shelfwooden texture supermarket rack

If you need shelving and racks,Please contact with us by email:sales@besonshelf.com.


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