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4 Simple Steps To Check Supermarket Shelves Quality

Must say with the market demand and the expansion of industry competition,Many shelves manufacturers have sprung up,Producing more and more varieties of shelves, Which gives buyers and consumers to provide more choices.But also,Due to different shelf processing,Resulting in price differences,Giving consumers a big confusion.

So how can we identify Supermarket Shelves quality good or bad?Here Jake from Changshu Beson Metal Products(our website:www.racksshelves.com or www.besonshelf.com),A person with 6 years experience in the shelving field,Shares his 5 steps simple ways:

Step 1)Learn supermarket shelves characteristics:Supermarket shelf system for supermarkets,and warehouse-style shopping malls.Besides main body is supermarket shelf,It also needs a various types of containers,cages,material handling equipment,hand picking cart,supermarket bar code systems,cash register management systems,order,storage,sale of computer hardware,software systems,etc. Supermarket shelves design should follow:Nice looking,Firm structure,Diverse specifications;Design modeling has times’ style,Single-sided supermarket shelf can be combined with double sided,Single-sided shelves can be also matched with corner shelf,Double sided can be matched with semicircle;Layer panel space of supermarket shelf can be adjusted,Which makes they’re noble and generous features.

shopping mall changshu Beson metal products

Step 2)Check shelf surface treatment:Surface treatment processing mainly refers to surface processing after initial processing,assembly and welding.Please see 3 points below:

1)Please check surface treatment quality,powder-coated thickness(GB is 60μor more).

2)Have no leakage blue,bubble,orange peel and other phenomena or not?

Beson supermarket shelving surface finish

3)Also surface rust and oil cleaned well or not?If high-quality supermarket shelves involves pickling and phosphate(pickling and phosphate mainly make totally clean processing after raw materials free-rust and sanding,Shelf components will be more smooth and brighter after pickling and phosphate).When buy or purchase,Please examine supermarket shelf surface carefully,You can use hand to feel whether they’re  smooth or not;Observe shelf surface color is uniform or not;Maybe can do some minor crash testing when agreed by seller.

supermarket shelves

3)Welding quality:Welding process is difficult to trace,So it is necessary to see  whether there are no welding,and welding defects existing or not?

4)Supermarket steel thickness:Steel thickness for all the components of supermarket shelf is another way to help us to evaluate shelf quality good or bad.Thicker means shelf stronger,At the same time,Price will be a little higher.So please ask seller about these information when buy or purchase.

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