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How To Maintain Shelf Properly

With the rapid development of modern logistics industry,Storage shelving as the most basic logistics and auxiliary equipment in the logistics industry,And its utilization are also getting higher and higher.

However,Storage shelf are generally made of steel,have a certain loading weight withstand the pressure of the cargo.Many of times,We don not notice shelving as some other commodities by its appearance,But storage shelf stability, process issues,warehouse shelvesing's life gradually becomes a most focus problem for consumers.We all know that any product that has a life,Beyond this limit and still continue to use,It is easy to cause a variety of problems, most probably makes some people serious injury or even fatal death.

Factors affecting storage shelf life are many,Such as: warehouse temperature, humidity, light, ventilation, etc.,If warehouse is vey wet,It can cause shelves rust,reduce shelf loading weight and service life.So what should we do in order to maintain storage shelf?

Today Changshu Beson Metal Products,gives some advice about how to maintain storage shelves.

1, Regular smear paint protection,reduce rust and do routine check whether there’re loose screws or not.If yes,Fixed timely.Good and timely ventilation is necessary,Which keeps warehouse not be excessive humidity.

2,To avoid excessive sun exposure,Air ventilation needed.Don't put wet goods placed on the shelves.If water found on shelf,Please remove timely.

3,Depending on different shelves,Aisle width and delivery tools,It's necessary to install guardrail correctly to protect shelving away from collision or damaged.

4, Cargo weights put on must be within shelving loading capacity.Hope warehouse keeper can do shelving loading weight limit identification. And also follow the principles: light weight cargo put on the top of shelf,Heavy weight cargo put on the bottom.

5,When put cargo on warehouse racking or pick up cargo from warehouse racking,Forklift only operated by a licensed person.Because a vast majority of warehouse racking upright knocked variations are due to non-licensed person’s doing,and caused accident.

6, Storage shelf using system.Warehouse managers or keepers should develop a system on how to use these shelves,So that each person can learn and comply,Which can reduce accident.


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