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Tips About Display On Supermarket Shelves

Supermarket design and shelves layout have risen to a very important and high position for retailers in recent years,and the official consumer research also shows that the layout of retail shelves has the startling effect on product sales and overall profits.

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We,Beson Metal Products,As one of Chinese preferred shelves and racks professional manufacturers and exports,with almost 15 years experience.We hope to see that our products can be used with their fullest potential.The final goal is to stimulate sales,entice customers to spend more time,and more time in your store.Meanwhile leave pleasant shopping experience for customers,who will come back next time.

Maybe you’ll find that bakery,fresh producing items and floral departments of most supermarkets near the entrance at the front of the store.Smelling fresh baking aromas,seeing fresh fruit and vegetables,and fresh flowers,which immediately set the scene in the customers’ psyche.Finally trigger their buying action.

Here,Some tips on how to display items on supermarket shelves recommended.e.g.which items displayed on Top Shelf,which on Eye's Level Shelves...????Please check below:

Top Shelf

Top shelf level is usually just out of eyes' level height for most customers,Because of this,Here don’t display high level profits items in the supermarket.Only place some best deals,such as house brand products.Customers maybe also lower their step because of this.

Eyes' Level Shelves

Eyes' Level Shelves is where that can be seen and noticed easily,So best selling and leading items should be placed in front and centre in front of the customers faces.Many manufacturers and suppliers are willing to pay more costs for their products to be displayed here.Here you will usually find high price items and items with a good and high profit.So please don’t try in this area,if you’re looking for bargains.

Kid’s Level shelf

If shopping with your kids,Every parents maybe have these experience that you’ll buy more and pay more on these items like toys and sweets.Why?the reason is that they are located at the kids’ level,around waist-high for adults,items basically with the best children attractive package&design,which can stimulate desire in their minds.

Bottom Shelf

In general,Large items like bulk packages usually placed on the bottom shelf.It’s very easy for bulk shoppers to reach and lift the packages off the shelves.And some bulk items with low profit margins also placed here too.


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