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6 Types Of Regular Shelving

Shelving types are very complicated,And many people do not know how to choose.Different shelving,Different characteristics,Different designs, And different performance.So We,Changshu Beson Metal Products,tells you 6 types of regular shelving below:

1,Heavy Duty Racking With Layer Panels:Hooked design,Easy assemble or disassemble,Adjustable height,Can bear up to maximum 2000 kg/layer.Suitable for warehousing,logistics,distribution centers,large inventory warehouses and other indoor places,Is the most commonly used in storage industries.

heavy duty shelving with layer panel

2,-Pallet Racking:Hooked design,Easy assemble or disassemble,Adjustable height,Can bear up to maximum 3000 kg/layer.Suitable for warehousing,logistics,and distribution centers,and other indoor places.

beson brand pallet racking

2,Attic Racking:To make full use of existing lighting,air conditioning and ventilation facilities,and storage space height.Its advantages like stablity,security,and flexiblity.Can be designed as customers’requirements.Attic racking suitable for logistics, warehouse, supermarket use.

attic racking

3,Light Duty Angle Shelving:Easy installation and disassemble,Steel panel or wood laminates be adjusted,according to the needs.Specifications can be customized,with cheap price,Can meet a variety of requirements!

angle shelving beson brand

4,Medium Duty Shelving: Simple structure,Butterfly hole design,Easy to adjust height and install,Can bear up to 150-500kg/layer,Can storage the goods in warehouse storage,Also used as warehouse-style shelf in shopping malls.Main shelving can combine with add-on shelving,Unlimited link together,According to customer requirements.Medium duty shelving is a good helper in logistics, warehouse, and supermarket inventory.

medium duty shelving with layer panel from beson shelf

5,Supermarket Shelf:Usually have single sided,double sided,endcap,corner shelf,and 4 ways shelf.Used to display commodities in supermarket,store,or shopping mall.Easy to assemble and disassemble,Convenient to move,beautiful and luxury appearance,strong loading weight,etc.

beson brand supermarket shelf

6,Wire Shelving:Easy to assemble and disassemble,Free adjust height according to your needs.Can bear 50-150kgs/layer,Usually used at home or in supermarket and store.

beson wire shelving


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