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Here Discuss Several Ways Of Unusual Warehouse Shelf Layout

Maybe in your everyday life,We can see easily 2 regular warehouse shelf layout:horizontal way and vertical way.Like the below pictures:

Seen from the pictures above,Shelf length direction is perpendicular to the main road direction for both the horizontal or vertical shelf layout. The layout of our common warehouse is roughly the same,Just think about it,Why are they the same? First of all, We analyze the design of e-commerce warehouse,Its thinking comes from the design of traditional warehouse. For traditional warehouses,As long as your warehouse is not round,Then shelves or stacks will be perpendicular or parallel to the wall direction,Which is the best way to make the most of the space.

However when there is an angle between your shelf or stack and the wall,It’s bound to cause a waste of planar space,As shown in the following picture:

Thus,In the traditional warehouse layout, Try to maximize the use of warehouse space, the edges of the shelves or stacks are perpendicular or parallel to the wall direction. But is it absolutely right when applied to the warehouse layout of e-commerce? Or is it the best choice?

We still thought it’s right,Until one day read a article from foreign warehouse shelf design. We feel ashamed that we do not think about again it for everyday & regular things. So will make us blind vision,and can not acquire new knowledge.

Now,Two V-type warehouse shelf layouts mentioned as below:

These two layout ways are better than the following after the foreign article test, V-type shelf layout 1 increase efficiency of more than 11%, V-type shelf layout 2 improve efficiency of more than 23%.

So how does efficiencient improvement comes out?We make some explanations.

Why is there such an adjustment to the traditional warehouse layout?We think that it’s a major factor of picking efficiency for warehouse layout of e-commerce.But for traditional warehouse,The delivery frequency is not high,So no too high requirements for the picking time and picking efficiency.However e-commerce order processing characteristics determines its high demand for picking efficiency.So in the case of small loss of warehouse area utilization,Adjusting warehouse shelf layout to improve picking efficiency will be a meaningful work in warehousing management.

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