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How To Know More About Supermarket Shelves

Nowadays,We can see supermarket shelves in many supermarket,shopping mall,and some convenient stores.Someone calls other names like supermarket rack or gondola shelving....

But maybe most of people are not sure of supermarket shelves jointed by which parts?Here,We show every part name in the picture below.Also write down there:gondola cover,bracket,upright,shelf,base leg,and plinth.

supermarket shelves part name

Next step,We’ll tell you which advantages of supermarket shelves:

1)Elegant,firm structure and diverse specifications,Some has time stylish design,Easy to combine together in different ways(e.g.Single sided supermarket shelves can be combined with double sided’s,Single sided shelves can be combined with corner shelves,And double shelves can be combined with half ones,and so on);

2)Shelf space can be adjusted freely;

3)Have different loading weight to cater for different usage;

4)Some process action like acid washing,phosphating before epoxy;

5)Epoxy electrostatic spray surface treatment,a strong anti-corrosion,Color customized OK;

6)Easy to install,disassemble,Size can be customized according to your requirements;

At last,We come to make some simple assortment:

1)According to back panel style,Can be sorted out like wire mesh back panel supermarket shelves,hole back panel,flat back panel,slot wall supermarket shelves;

2)According to where supermarket shelves place,Like single sided,double sided,and endcaps.

By the way,Please visit our website if wanna know more about us,Or can contact with us by phone or mail sales@besonshelf.com or sales@racksshelves.com if any inquiry or need some items not listed in our website.


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