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  • Plastic Shopping Trolley 125L
Plastic Shopping Trolley 125L

Plastic Shopping Trolley 125L

  • Style:Plastic Body
  • Capacity:125L
  • Surface Finish:Zinc With Epxoy
  • Product description: Plastic shopping trolley 125L,reliable quality shopping cart.

Plastic Body Style Supermarket Shopping Trolley

1)Liter:125L(90L,130L,180L,240L are available);

2)Loading weight:80-100kgs(bigger liter,loading weight more);


4)Surface finish:Zinc with epxoy(zinc plated,chrome plated,power coated are available);

5)5" PU wheels(4" or 5" PVC wheels,PU wheels,rubber wheels,elevator wheels are OK);

6)Anti-bumper installed on the front corner;

7)Trolley lock for optional;

8)Package:wrapped by bubble foam.


Contact: Jake Zhang

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Email: sales@besonshelf.com

Add: Dongzhou Road,Yiwu City,Zhejiang Province,China

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