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  • Supermarket candy display rack
Supermarket candy display rack

Supermarket candy display rack

  • Style:Candy rack
  • Material:Steel
  • Surface finish:Powder coating
  • Product description: Supermarket candy display rack,good quality shop shelving rack and resonable price display shelves.

Supermarket candy display rack


1)Single sided(L x W x H):1000x400x1100mm;

2)Upright Size:40*60*2.0mm,30*80*2.0mm,30*60*2.0mm;

3) 1-7 shelves;

4) Thickness of shelves:0.5-1.2mm;

5) Thickness of perforated backpanel:0.6-1.2mm;

6) Thickness of bracket:2.0-3.0mm;

7) Surface treatment: powder coating;

8) Bearing capacity: 60-120kg/layer;

9)Color:white&red,or customized ok;

10)Price tag for option;

11)Packing: Carton or bubble foam;


1)Perforated back panel design;

2)Shelves can be adjusted freely;

3)Side protector on both side.


Contact: Jake Zhang

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Email: sales@besonshelf.com

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